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  Surrounded by wonderful natural scenery with beautiful mountains and clear rivers, Pinghu city, where KSZ exists, is located in southern part of China blessed with fertile land, and has been called “Golden Pinghu” since ancient times. We thoroughly understand importance of inheriting these valuable environment and resources to our next generations, and keep our best effort to achieve this goal.
  1) We comply with environment-related laws and regulations, and with company policy. Preventing environmental pollution, we join social environmental preservation activities.

  2) We do not purchase any material, products and other services which make harmful influence on the environment. Also we pay attention to the influence on the environments, by raw materials, production process, sales and distribution methods, disposals and wastes.

  3) We sustain and develop our effort to save the limited resources of the earth, by saving energy and materials such as steel, paper, wood and oil, we reduce waste, dispose properly,

  4) In order to achieve the environmental policy, we regularly make our goal and objectives clear, and carry out as planned. With periodically check and review on our activities, and developing the preservation system, we promote environmental protection activities.

  5) By education and activities on the environment protection, let the employees fully understand the environmental policy and the importance of the groval environmental protection.

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