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Phase Ⅰ 1994.12 Registered as "Zhejiang Kawaden-GuongMing" Steel Products Co.,Ltd.
a Japanese-Chinese Joint Venture Company with initial Paid Up Capital of US$2.1 million.(60% by Japanese,40% by Chinese partner)
Phase Ⅱ 1995.5 Commencement of Production
1998.6 1st increase of Capital:upto US$5 million
Company name was changed to "Zhejiang Kawaden Steel Products Co.Ltd."(KSZ) in accordance with a change of shares.
1998.7 Obtained 30,000㎡ of Land in Pinghu EDZ,and construction of new factory started.
1999.4 Operation at second factory was started.
2000.9 Capital share formation was changed
(Kawasho Corp.:90% Kawatetsu Electrical Steel: 5% Pinghu EPZ:5%)
Phase Ⅲ 2001.1 2nd increase of Capital:upto US$8.7 million.
Ttansferred all production equipments to a second factory.
2003.6 Obtained ISO9001:2000
Phase Ⅳ 2004.7 3rd increase of Capital:upto US$11.8 million.
Expanded stamping operation with an additional investment to Press Machines.
Company name was changed to "Zhejiang JEF Shoji Steel Products Co.,Ltd.", in accordance with creation of JFE Shoji Trade Corporation in Japan.
2004.8 Obtained ISO14000
Phase Ⅴ-Ⅶ 2006.3 Expanded land space up to 45,000㎡
2006.11 4th increase of Capital:upto US$15.8 million
2006~2009 An additional investment and a further expansion of Stamping operation.
2009.7 Started operation of No.4 cotinuous annealing line
Phase Ⅷ 2010.12  

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